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FOR the chafing-dish supper lay the bare table with either luncheon cloth or luncheon set, flowers, and candles. Mark the covers with the plate doilies ; place a plate on each doily, and the necessary silver according to directions ; the water glass and ginger ale or beer glass on small doily at right, and the napkin at left.

If the party is for many persons, provide two chafing- dishes, one at each end of the table. This not only affords quicker and better service but adds to sociability. Always have a metal tray under the chafing-dish as a protection against fire and stains, and an asbestos mat under the tray.
The hostess must be sure that everything is in readiness, — all ingredients needed for the dishes to be cooked and all utensils needed in the cooking.
A teakettle for boiling water is an important item of the table equipment; an electric toaster, also, is desirable, though also, is desirable, though toast or croutons prepared in the kitchen may be kept warm on an asbestos mat placed over the chafing-dish flame. Owing to the lateness of the hour at which some of these parties are given, the kitchen fire cannot always be depended upon for making toast. In that event put a very little butter into one of the blazers and fry the bread lightly on both sides. The lamp under the chafing-dish and teakettle should be filled with alcohol before the guests assemble, and additional alcohol should be at hand in the pantry. Be sure the flame is out and the lamp cool before filling, and also wipe the lamp dry before lighting. One cannot take too great precaution against fire. Plates should have been previously heated. Ebony-handled or wooden spoons are better to use in chafing-dish cookery than silver, as the latter get too hot to be handled with comfort. An extra napkin, an extra fork and spoon to "try with", a box of matches, and a bowl to hold tasting spoons and burned matches, should be placed conveniently near the person who presides over the chafing-dish.

Have measured for the dish to be cooked all liquid and dry ingredients and seasonings, so that the work may be simplified, and the time of preparation at the table shortened. The butter should be measured beforehand and made into balls, each containing a level tablespoonful.

Select attractive as well as convenient dishes to hold the accessories. Small wooden Russian bowls which do not break are noiseless and ornamental. Bowls of the Paul Revere pottery and some of the rice-pattern Chinese bowls are pleasing. Pitchers holding from half a cup to a pint are necessary. It is a good plan to arrange upon a single tray the bowls, pitchers, and small dishes containing all ingredients for one dish. This may be conveniently placed at the left of the person presiding over the chafing-dish.

Some things are cooked in the blazer or top pan, directly over the flame. Egg dishes and all creamed dishes need the hot-water pan beneath, and of course the hot-water pan is necessary to keep the food warm. Have at hand a tile on which to place the hot-water pan when not in use. Be sure that not too much water is in the pan; about one inch in depth is sufficient ; also watch that the water does not boil away, leaving the pan dry

The chafing-dish supper is always an informal occasion, and the guests may serve themselves if they prefer.

A list of various foods which may be used in chafing-dish cookery :
Crab Meat
Cooked Tongus
Chickens' Livers
Frogs' Legs
Finnan Haddie
Cooked Fish heated in Sauce

There are many kinds of rarebits varied by the principal flavor, as tomato, onion, green or red pepper, etc. Any of the souffles, either cheese or sweet souffles, are successfully made in the chafing-dish. Fudges (made with peanut butter, marshmallows, sultana raisins, nuts, and Canton ginger) are popular chafing-dish possibilities.

Slices of bread cut in any chosen shape and toasted, or heated crackers, are an understood part of the chafing-dish supper. Creamed dishes require toast, while rarebits call for either crackers or toast. Beverages always accompany a chafing-dish supper. Among the most popular are ale, beer, cider, mineral water, wine "cup", punch, and hot coffee.

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