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Travelogues and photos Trips to Egypt, Scotland, Paris, and Ireland with a few thousand photos and more information than you can shake a stick at. Planning, travelogue, photos, links.

Antiquarian AdviceTurn-of-the-century household management, etiquette, science, and social advice. Interesting views of 19th century sensibilties. Interesting and...amusing.

Egyptian PharaohsKingdom by kingdom, dynasty by dynasty - every Pharaoh from Menes to Cleopatra, in ocd-like detail.

Learning Irish GaelicLearning Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) resources and links, the sounds or Irish, and a few antique courses

Old House RestorationOur old house adventures, plus info on how to deal with plaster walls, brick houses, and old house living. Why I am an old-house bigot, and more (hopefully) useful info.

http://www.iaomc.org noorinfo.com

Getting a dogFinding and picking a puppy, how much it costs, and what you should (and should not!) feed your dog.

OdditiesA strange collection of strange stuff seating charts for royalty, how to wear a kilt, victorian etiiquette rules