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Ruined castle block and folly
The ruined castle (now the Clan Donald Centre) and the folly on the left

Located on the Isle of Skye, Armadale Castle is really a mansion, not a true fortress. The original stone tower is in ruins, but outbuildings house the Clan Donald Centre amid large and very attractive grounds. The climate here on Skye is (strangely) almost tropical, and there are flowers on the grounds that would seem more at home in the rainforest than Scotland!

The newly restored stable houses a shop and restaurant, and is still new enough that the blueprints and plans for the restoration are posted.

The castle was built in 1815 for Lord MacDonald of Sleat.

Restored Stables
The impeccably restored stables, now a restaurant, shop, and museum

The true tower of Armadale is empty and looks to be burnt. The folly that is build nearby is constructed of stone and roof slates taken from the towerhouse as it collapsed. Many of the castle sites have a folly built in the 18th or 19th century that is designed to look like some romantic reconstruction of a castle. The entire site of Hume Castle is an odd looking folly built in the last century.

The folly
A small folly , built of stone salvaged from the crumbling castle

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Isle of Skye
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