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Dynasty Notes

The First Intermediate Period was an extremely troubled time in Egypt. The centralized government under a single pharaoh broke down, with rival kings in different regions claiming the throne.

The seventh dynasty is reputed to have over 70 rulers in different regions of Egypt, with overlapping reigns. The eighth dynasty followed the same pattern. Civil disorder was rampant, and the entire chaotic time was exacerbated by a serious drought. Petty warlords ruled the provinces. Most egyptologists do not classify the seventh and eight dynasties as true "dynasties" -- instead, they are a catch-all for the many rival claimants to power with no true succession and limited power. Only a few of the kings from the seventh and eight dynasty are known.

The ninth dynasty was as rival dynasty started by the rulers of Herakleopolis, who seized control of Middle Egypt and ruled concurrently with the seventh and eighth dynasties. They Herakleopolitan kings retained control over Middle egypt throughout the tenth dynasty, while the rulers at Thebes and Edfu fought over control of Upper Egypt. While the succession in Thebes was stable, the kings of Herakleopolis succeeded one another rapidly, adding to the conflict in the region.

Finally the battle was resolved only as Montuhotep II began the task of unifying Egypt once again. laying the groundwork for the Middle Kingdom. In many traditional chronologies, the entirety of the 11th Dynasty is included in the Middle Kingdom. However, the true break appears to fall in the middle of the dynasty, which is the scheme I've followed.

Dynasties Pharaohs
Dynasty VII / VIII

Neferkare II
Neferkare III
Djedkare II
Neferkare IV

Menkamin I
Neferkare V

Neferkare VI
Neferkamin II
Ibi I
Neferkauhore Kapuibi
Neferirkare II

Dynasty IX

Meryibre Akhtoy
Neferkare V
Unknown Kings

Dynasty X Meri[...]re Akhtoy
Nebkaure Akhtoy
Wahkare Akhtoy

Dynasty XI (Thebes)

Mentuhotep I
Inyotef I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III




Dynasty VII / VIII
Dynasty IX / X
Dynasty XI (Thebes)