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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Unknown
Nomen Khui
Dates what's this?
Predecessor unknown
Successor unknown - possibly Mentuhotep I
Associated People
Burial Place
Possibly mud-brick pyramid built at Dara.
Mud brick pyramid at Dara, near Asyut

Of all the kings in the 10th dynasty (and, honestly, in the previous three dynasties), Khui is the only one who is attested to by more than mentioned in the king lists and fragmentary evidence. He may have been a local "king" who ruled the area between Herakleopollis and Thebes. Most notably, Khui built -- or at least started -- a pyramid in Dara, an unknown site north of Asyut in Middle Egypt. His is the only pyramid built there.

When it was originally investigated in 1950 by Weill, it was not yet clear that this was a pyramid and not a mastaba tomb. The mud brick walls were sloping and built in steps. It was, however, square, and the length of the sides was large for a mastaba (about 130 meters), making it about the size of Djoser's pyramid.

The pyramid is greatly ruined now, but sported a unique architectural element -- the corners were rounded. Few Egyptian buildings (and fewer tombs) have rounded corners. It stands about four meters high today. Inside, the chambers are lined with limestone blocks that were probably stolen from local 6th Dynasty tombs. The exterior is entirely of mud brick, and the interior filling is gravel and sand -- indicating that the builder was ruler over a land of limited resources and technical skills.

The burial chamber of the pyramid was empty when it was entered, and the only reason we believe that Khui was associated with the pyramid is his name inscribed on a block that was found in a tomb just to the south with an offering scene with his name in a cartouche. This is the only evidence that a pharaoh names Khui ever existed.



Meri[...]re Akhtoy
Nebkaure Akhtoy
Wahkare Akhtoy