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Dynasty Notes

The end of the First Intermediate Period is a bit vague -- rival kings in different regions were vying for the throne, no centralized power existed...basically, everything was up in the air.

Many traditional chronologies put the Theban part of the 11th Dynasty into the Middle Kingdom, breaking cleanly from the Intermediate Period after Khui in the 10th Dynasty. However, the 11th Dynasty really straddles the line.

The entire dynasty is roudhly 143 years -- and the first 99 years or so were spent with two focuses of power - North and South. Thebes ruled in one, the kings of Hieracleopolis ruled elsewhere. Since these regional kings in Thebes were separate, it makes sense to treat them somewhat separately and start the Middle Kingdom on a high note -- the re-unification of Egypt under Mentuhotep II.

The Theban 11th Dynasty starts with a little known pharaon, Mentuhotep I about whom very fiew details are known except his Horus name - Tepi'o. Piccione says he may have ruled starting in 2134, but he is otherwise unknown. In fact, most chronolgoies that I found did not mention him at all -- in fact, the "first" Mentuhotep was the son of Inyotef III, probably the last of the Theban rulers. This means that the numbering of the "uniter" Mentuhotep as Mentuhotep II is probably erroneous.

The traditional chronology for the 11th Dynasty in Thebes is:

(possibly) IMentuhotep I
Inyotef I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III

Some chronologies recognize a local Theban king, Inyotef, son of Iku, as the first recognized king of the dynasty. However, he was never a king over more than the Theban nome, a regional king.



Mentuhotep I
Inyotef I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III