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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Ankkheperure-Merywaenre "LIving are the Manifestations of Re"
Nomen Semenkhkare-Djeserkheperu "He whom the spirit of Ra has ennobled", "VIgorous is the Soul of Re, Holy of Manifestations"
King Lists  
Alternate Names may have been Nefertiti (Nefernefruaten)
Dates what's this?
piccione 1336 -- 1334 BCE
egyptsite 1336 -- 1334 BCE
krauss 1335-1332
von beckerath 1337-1333
malek, grimal 1338-1336
redford 1355
dodson 1346-1343
Predecessor Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton)
Successor Tutankhamun
Associated People
unknown possibly wife to Akhenaton
Burial Place

Smenkaure is an often disputed pharaoh. Some identify Smenkhkare as Nefertiti, the wife of Akhenaton, which would make her the third woman to take the throne of Egypt and assume the royal titles of pharaoh. This is supported by the appearance of the throne name Ankhkheperure with the nomen Nefernefruaten, which was the new name of Nefertiti. Others assert that Smenkhkare was a younger brother to Tutankhamun who reigned for only a short time.

He may possibly be a younger brother of Akhenaton, or possibly even a son. Or, he may have been someone else who married one of Akhenaton's daughters.

He reigned only about three yeas, but in that time he clearly abandoned the worship of the Aten, abandoned Amarna, and returned to Thebes. The eighteen years of the heretic king were over.

Smenkhkare died at the age of 25 or so, of unknown causes.

It was originally believed that Smenkhkare was buried in the Valley of the Kings, KV 55, in the tomb of Queen Tiy. The tomb, which is small and undecorated, contained the mummy of a man less than 26 years old who showed clear signs of hydrocephalus or platycephalis (flat skull) -- which could be the remains of Akhenaton, who has never been found.

Despite the evidence, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo still assures us that the mummy is Smenkhkare, whoever he may have been.



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Tomb KV 55, Valley of the Kings