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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Meriweserre, "Strong is the Love of Re"
Nomen Yakubher "Horus Protects"
manetho Apachnan, possibly
Dates what's this?
  [possibly 1634 -- 1626 BCE
Predecessor unknown
Successor unknown
Associated People
Burial Place

Yakubher -- an Aramain name related to Jacob -- is nearly unknown an has left only a few scarab seals found mostly in Egypt. A few were found in Palestine, and a single one was found in Nubia. Otherwise, he is merely a nebulous figure that may or may not fit into the chronology of the 15th Dynasty. The only mention of his name is in the king lists written over a millennia after his death.

Some groups have used the similarity of his name to Jacob to postulate that the Hyksos kings were the Israelites, in an attempt to "prove" the biblical story of the exodus and slavery in ancient Egypt. It doesn't much fly with me, but try the links on the right if you want another opinion.

Some place him in the 14th Dynasty instead of the 15th Dynasty, in the belief that he fills the gaps along with eleven other rulers with Hyksos names that are not written in the Turin canon, in which case he would be placed at the end of that dynasty.

However, assuming that his place in the 15th Dynasty is correct, he may have reigned for 8 or so years, around 1634 -- 1626 BCE.



Khiyan Apachnan