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Here is virgin soil, indeed, to the sportsman and explorer. Mail steamers leave about every fortnight, both from St. Johns and Port-aux-Basques, for Battle Harbor, where connection can be made for Nain and the Hudson Bay Straits. The finest cliffs and fjords are north of Nain. According to Dr. Grenfell of the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, the coast of east Labrador is one of the safest in the world for yachting, and it is not necessary to spend a single night at sea, from the Straits of Belle Isle to Cape Chidley, for after Battle Harbor it is perfectly easy to harbor every night; besides, for hundreds of miles the coast can be followed without ever seeing the open sea at all. Of course such a trip would require a native pilot, and the entire summer, but it can be done quite inexpensively, and would be a thorough rest to jaded nerves and brains, besides affording excellent sport

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