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The Most Southern Route, via Washington and New Orleans

1st day
2d day
Leave New York by train for Washington, D.C. (about five hours) , the capital of the United States, and one of the handsomest cities of the world, being in the form of a star, with the principal avenues radiating from the Capitol.
3d day
New Orleans, La., is reached in about thirty- three hours from Washington. The Crescent City of Louisiana is full of reminiscences of old Creole days. It is the great cotton center of the South. The traveler should try to be here for the Mardi Gras festivities.
5th day
En route between New Orleans and Los An- geles, Cal., about seventy-two hours by express, passing through San Antonio, Spofford and El Paso, Tex., all of which are junction points for Mexico. El Paso holds the world's record for summer heat.
8th day
Los Angeles, the principal city of southern California, and the center of the fruit-growing district. An interesting drive can be made to Pasadena (in the San Gabriel Valley), whose principal residential street bears the name of Orange Grove Avenue. If time permits, a side trip to Coronado Beach, on the Pacific shore, will repay.
10th day San Francisco is reached by two routes from Los Angeles. One, via the Coast Line, with picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, takes fourteen hours. The other is inland, and takes eighteen hours. Tourists wishing to visit the Yosemite Valley and Big Trees break the journey at Berenda or Merced. The trip to the valley takes about six days.

The Same Route, from San Francisco to New York.

1st day Leave San Francisco for Los Angeles, either by the Coast Line via Santa Barbara, which takes about fourteen hours, or via the inland route, about eighteen hours. By the latter route the journey can be broken, either at Merced or Berenda, for the Yosemite Yalley.
2d day
To be spent in Los Angeles, Cal., and Pasadena, the center of the orange-grove country
4th day
En route between Los Angeles and New Or- $ leans, about seventy-nine hours by train. Travelers wishing to visit Mexico change at El Paso, Spofford or San Antonio.
7th day
New Orleans, the Crescent City of the South, and full of reminiscences of ante-bellum days.
9th day
Washington, D.C., thirty-seven hours from New Orleans. Leave Washington for New York, a railroad journey of about five hours.


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