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Tomb of Amenemhet

Amenemhet was the regional governor and commander-in-chief to Senusret I.

The serdab of Old Kingdom tombs (the chamber with statues) has been replaced by a columned portico and niche by the time the 12th Dynasty tombs were built. In this tomb, proto-Doric columns have replaced the lotus bud and the ceiling is decorated with a reed-checkered pattern.

Beside the door, Amenemhet's military honors are listed and other scenes in the tomb are th standard hunting, metalworking, offering scenes. There are also wrestling scenes in this tomb. Many inscriptions praise his administration skills, including a notable one that marks the year of a huge Nile inundation (which indicates a good crop) without a commensurate rise in taxes.

THere are a number of scenes of people dancing that looks like a cartoon -- each step is shown as a seperate scene.

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