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Complete Temples

While Complete Temples stands on its own as a great reference book to the sun temples and mortuary temples in Egypt, it is a fitting companion book to Complete Pyramids. And, indeed, it is co-authored by Wilkerson

Like the previous book, Complete Temples is a complete history of temple building, the evolution of temple styles, and a brief look at the excavation of the major temples in Egypt. It also contains a massive gazetteer of the temples which can be used as a complete reference guide.

Once again, it was the diagrams and maps that make this book a great reference. Many of the temples that you visit are in ruins, some no more than faint outlines in the sand. Others have been moved or rebuilt. Some have been destroyed and the carefully reconstructed sites depicted in the gazetteer give you a sense of what these massive stone piles really looked like.

Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, and a few other monumental temples are covered in detail, but this does not mean that the smaller, lesser known temples are shorted at all. Dozens of small mortuary temples and chapels are described and illustrated; some of the photos here are the first I've seen of the more remote temples.

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