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The Scenic Line through Colorado


1st day Leave New York for Niagara Falls (nine hours) by "Empire State Express
2d day Niagara Falls. Visit the Horseshoe and American Falls, Goat Island, Cave of the Winds, the Upper and Lower Rapids and the Whirlpool.
3d day
Chicago, 111. (twelve hours by rail from Niag- / fth " ara Falls), the typical metropolis of the great West
5th day
Denver, Col., 1,034 miles from Chicago; time, twenty-six hours and a half, one of the fastest runs in the States. Denver is a handsome city, with its City Hall and the State House connected by a fine avenue. It is the mining center of Colorado.
7th day
Colorado Springs (two hours and a half by train from Denver). The springs are at Manitou, where also is the Garden of the Gods; and the railroad for the ascent of Pike's Peak (14,147 feet) is taken at this place. An interesting excursion can be made either by rail or coach' to Cripple Creek, the principal gold-producing city in the United States.
10th day Leave Colorado Springs in the morning, by rail, for the ride through the Rockies to Salt Lake City.
11th day Salt Lake City, Utah (twenty-six hours by rail from Colorado Springs). The Mormon Temple and Tabernacle are curiosities of architecture. A dip in the lake at Saltair is a most refreshing experience after a dusty journey overland. There are bathing facilities for the accommoda- tion of a thousand persons, besides an immense dancing pavilion.
12th day
Los Angeles, Cal. (twenty-five hours by limited train from Salt Lake City). The metropolis of southern California, and center of the orange- growing country.
14th day San Francisco, Cal., is reached in fourteen hours and a half from Los Angeles by the Coast Line, and in eighteen hours by the San Joaquin Valley route. The inland route gives an opportunity to visit the Big Trees and the Yosemite Valley. About a week, however, is necessary for this side trip.

The Same Route, San Francisco to New York.

1st day Leave San Francisco via the Coast Rail Line ( fourteen hours and a half) for Los Angeles, the Riviera of America, or via the San Joaquin Valley ( eighteen hours), — the latter affording the opportunity, as mentioned above, of visiting the Big Trees and Yosemite Valley
2d day
Los Angeles, Cal., the prosperous center of the fruit-growing district of California. A trip to Riverside is a revelation as to what can be done by irrigation.
4th day Leave Los Angeles for Salt Lake City, about twenty-seven hours by limited train.
5th day Salt Lake City, Utah, the picturesque city of the Mormons. The Tabernacle and Temple are worth seeing. Make excursion to Saltair for a bath in the saline waters of the lake.
6th day Leave Salt Lake City by morning train for Colorado Springs, giving us the best part of the scenery across the Rockies by daylight Time, twenty-four hours
7th day
Colorado Springs, Col. Excursions to Manitou, the Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak (14,147 feet) by cog railroad; also, if time permits, to the great gold-mining camp of Cripple Creek.
9th day Denver (two hours and a half from Colorado Springs), the handsome capital of Colorado, and chief mining center.
10th day Denver to Chicago, in about twenty-four hours, by limited train through the great wheat country of Nebraska.
11th day
Chicago, 111., the railroad metropolis of the West, and great stock and wheat center. Visit the stockyards and wheat pit.
13th day Niagara Falls, N.Y. (twelve hours from Chicago). The second largest falls in the world, and one of the greatest sights on the American Continent.
14th day New York, in about nine hours, by the " Empire State Express."

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