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From Fusan to CHemulpo, via Seoul

Korea is reached by steamers plying between Nagasaki, Japan, and Taku, China, calling at the Korean ports of Chemulpo and Fusan. Passengers can leave the steamer at Fusan, proceed by rail to Seoul (the capital city) and rejoin it again at Chemulpo, giving ample time to see Seoul. The harbor at Fusan is a very fine one, large enough to shelter a fleet; whereas that of Chemulpo is very poor, so that steamers of deep draught cannot come within three miles of the town.

The voyage from Fusan to Chemulpo by steamer, through the picturesque Korean Archipelago, is very delightful. At Seoul there is not very much of special interest to see, the most imposing building being the Roman Catholic Cathedral. The legations occupy a fine location. During the troubles of 1890, the patriotic, ambitious queen was murdered and the king took shelter in the Russian Legation.

The emperor is continually building new palaces, as the tragic death of his queen rendered the Middle Palace uninhabitable ; at another time a snake fell off the roof of the Northeast Palace, and that, equally of course, necessitated another change. Noticeable features of the country are the red arrow arches. It will also be observed that the Japanese are not neglecting their recently assumed duties of protectors of a weak, vacillating, unprogressive and unambitious people.

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