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Three Weeks' TOur from Kobe to Yokohama via the Tokaido

1st day
Kobe, the European settlement of the large city of Hiogo, at the head of the Inland Sea. A pretty excursion is to the Moon Falls, and Hiogo should be visited.
2d day Osaka (twenty -one miles by rail from Kobe). The commercial city of Japan, sometimes called the Venice of Japan, on account of its numerous canals. The castle is very interesting, on ac- count of the colossal ideas of its builder, the famous Tai-So-Sama. Leave same day for Nara.
3d day Nara (twenty-five miles by rail from Osaka). A picturesque and ancient city, with many temples located in beautiful parks, where the deer wander at liberty. There is an immense Dai- butsu, larger than that at Kamakura, and a great bell, in the casting of which thirty-six tons of copper and a ton of tin were used.
4th day
Kioto (twenty-six miles by rail from Nara) . $ The ancient home of the mikado and his court; full of shrines, temples, pagodas and mellow- sounding bells. The center of Japanese art and curio stores. The principal excursions are to Arashiyama, by shooting the rapids, and to Lake Biwa.
8th day Nagoya (ninety-five miles by rail from Kioto) . A prosperous city of 180,000 population. The Daimyo's Castle is very picturesque and is in a good state of preservation.
9th day Numazu (150 miles by rail from Nagoya). The rail ride is one of the most beautiful in the country, affording a magnificent view of Fujiyama and the coast.
10th day Leave Numazu by jinrikisha over the hills to Atami (about fifteen miles), a popular winter resort of the Japanese, celebrated for its beautiful view of the bay, with the constantly smoking volcano on Vries Island in the distance. There are also hot springs and a geyser.
11th day Leave Atami by jinrikisha train to Odawara. This beautiful ride is along the coast, among orange groves backed by a high range of hills, and is called the Riviera of Japan. At Odawara a train is taken to Kozu, then tram to Yumoto and jinrikisha to Miyanoshita, This is a beautiful all-day trip.
12th day
Miyanoshita. This beautiful resort is very popular in the fall, when the leaves are turning. There are hot sulphur springs in the neighborhood, and an excursion to Ten Province Pass, via Hakone Lake, is something never to be forgotten.
14th day
Tokio (forty-nine miles by rail from Kozu, via Yokohama). The present capital city of the Mikado. The Imperial Palace is in the center of the city, and the Ginza, the principal street, leads from it to the railroad station. Shiba, Ueno and Asakusa Parks, with their shrines, pagodas and temples, are very interesting
17th day
Rail to Nikko (ninety miles from Tokio).
18th day
Nikko, the Mecca of all Japan during the sum- mer time, and to late October. A charming spot on the dashing Daiya-gawa, where the beauty of the shrines, temples and pagodas of the great shoguns, leyasu and lemitsu, is enhanced by parklike surroundings. A delightful excursion is to Chuzenji Lake, to see the beautiful Kegon Falls.
20th day Rail from Nikko to Yokohama.
21st day Yokohama, the principal European settlement in Japan, and chief port of call. A delightful riksha ride is around Mississippi Bay. Steamers leave here for western ports of the United States and Canada, and for Hong Kong and Australia.

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