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From Cairo, via Mount Sinai, to Jerusalem

This camping tour takes about thirty days. Train is taken from Cairo to Suez, and thence steamer on the Red Sea to Ayn Musa, where camels and camp should be in readiness. Mount Sinai is reached in about ten days and Gaza in about twenty -four days. Letters and cables can be sent from this town.


There are two routes by camel from Damascus to Palmyra: one, via Mareau Said and Niah, takes five days and is pleasanter on account of abundant water supply ; the other route is via Jerout, Kuretaine and Shurla, and takes four days' traveling at the rate of ten or eleven hours per day.

Bagdad, Babylon and Nineveh.

The journey by camel from Damascus to Bagdad takes about twenty-seven days via Palmyra, and Babylon is two days farther on. The Euphrates is sometimes crbssed at Fajonja and sometimes at Hitt. Nineveh ( Mosul) can be reached via Damascus, Palmyra and Der in about twenty-three days, but on account of the better water supply the route from Alexandretta to Aleppo, Urga and Maidin is recommended. This route takes about twenty-five days. From Mosul (Nineveh) to Bagdad can be made by raft on the Tigris in ten or twelve days, or in about eight days by horse. The steamer from Bagdad to Basra on the Persian Gulf takes from five to ten days, according to weather conditions. From Bag- dad to Babylon takes two or three days. From Basra through the Persian Gulf to the British port of Aden is by the British India Steamship Company, and at the latter place connections can be made either for the east or west. The proposed Bagdad Railway is constructed from Constantinople (Scutari) to Konieh and Enegli, a branch from Smyrna joining the line at Afium- Karahissar. It is proposed to continue the line to Adana, which is already connected by railway with Tarsus and Messina on the Mediterranean. From Adana the line will probably continue to Aleppo, and then one branch will follow the Euphrates via Bagdad to the Persian Gulf and the other through Palestine to Mecca.


Petra, the mysterious rock-hewn city of Edom, is now accessible by rail from Damascus to Maan, the present terminus of the projected line to Mecca, from which point it can be reached in a few hours by horse.

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