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Three Weeks' Camping Tour thorugh Palestine and Syria

1st day Jaffa. Leave by rail across the Plain of Sharon for Jerusalem (five hours).
2d day
Jerusalem. Although the site of the Holy City may have changed, the natural features of the surrounding country remain substantially $ the same as in the time of our Lord. The " mountains round about Jerusalem," which were of old her bulwarks, are still here. Kings, prophets and a greater than they, have looked upon these identical scenes and trodden the paths to Bethany, Bethlehem and Hebron.
7th day
Jericho, where the first night is spent "in camp." Excursion to the Fountain of Elisha, the Dead Sea and the River Jordan.
9th day Bethel, where Jacob dreamed his wondrous dream of the ladder between heaven and earth.
10th day Nabulus, the ancient Shechem, and center of Samaritan worship from the time of Abraham to the present day.
11th day Jenin, a Levitical city of Issachar.
12th day Nazareth, sacred to all Christians as the home of the Holy Family, is a large, straggling village, built against and on the side of one of the hills which enclose a rich, fertile valley. The people are noted for their kindness and courteousness, and the women of Nazareth are proverbial for their beauty.
13th day Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee, is reached through Cana of Galilee and past the Mount of Beatitudes, the traditional scene of the Sermon on the Mount.
14th day Ain-Mellahah is reached by crossing the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum, thence over the highlands to the Waters of Merom, in full view of Mount Hermon.
15th day Casarea Philippi, beautifully situated near the foot of the southern slope of Mount Hermon. This village, perhaps better known now as Baniyas, was visited by Jesus during his ministry ( Matthew xvi, 13). From a well near by issues the source of the River Jordan.
16th day Kafr Hawar Syria, the traditional burial-place of Nimrod, the mighty hunter.
17th day
Damascus, founded before Baalbec and Palmyra, has outlived them both. While Babylon has become a heap in the desert, and Tyre a ruin on the shore, Damascus remains what it was in the days of Isaiah — " the head of Syria." The suburbs of Damascus are very attractive.
19th day Baalbek, by train to Yahfufeh, thence by horseback. The origin of Baalbek, the Baal- gad of Joshua, is lost in remotest antiquity, but it was once, as its cyclopean ruins testify, the most magnificent of Syrian cities.
20th day Zahleh is the largest town in Lebanon, with a Christian population of 15,000.
21st day Beyrout is reached by crossing the Lebanon range at an altitude of 5,000 feet above sea- level. The view from the summit is magnificent. Beyrout is an ancient Phoenician city, beautifully and healthfully situated, and is the principal commercial town of Syria.


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