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Irkutsk to Vladivostok, via the Amur River

The time from Irkutsk to Vladivostok by the Amur is problematical, as much depends on the state of the river.

1st day
Leave Irkutsk by rail for Lake Baikal, forty miles. Lake Baikal is the largest fresh-water lake in Asia, being 390 miles long and 20 to 50 miles in width. It is crossed in about four hours by immense ice-breaking steamers. Strange to say, it is well stocked with seals, and it is of immense depth. The Siberians are very proud of their holy sea. Passengers are landed at Mysovaya, and train is taken to Stretinsk, about 800 miles distant.
4th day
On the Amur River. The steamers on the $ upper reaches of the Amur River, between Stretinsk and Blagovetchensk, a distance of 793 miles, are naturally of very light draught. The Amur drains about half a million square miles of magnificent farming land, well wooded, which the Russian government is doing its best to colonize. The scenery is picturesque, and frequent stops are made for the purpose of " wooding up."
10th day Blagovetchensk, an important city in eastern Siberia, of 40,000 inhabitants. It has many fine churches, and good hotel accommodation.
11th day
On the Amur River. The distance between Blagovetchensk and Khabarovsk is about 600 miles. The voyage is a pleasant one, and the boats are better than those on the upper reaches, the river being wider and deeper.
15th day Rail from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok, through a very picturesque country. The distance is about 500 miles.
16th day Vladivostok. The magnificent harbor of Vladivostok is one of the finest and most picturesque in the world. The town is a trim European one in the farthest East, although it has but one main street. It has a beautiful Greek church, and the Russian tricolor floats over the great fortress. From Vladivostok steamers can be taken by way of Korea, to Nagasaki, the voyage occupying about five days. The two Korean ports, Fusan and Wonsan, however, are from long occupancy quite Japanese in business * activity. There is also a quick steamer service in thirty-eight hours to Tsuruga, Japan, whence Yokohama can be reached by rail.


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