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The Trans-Siberian Railroad, from Moscow to Irkutsk

1st day
Leave Moscow by night on through train deluxe, from Kursk station for Irkutsk.
3d day Cross the River Volga early in the morning over the famous Alexander Bridge, having a total length of nearly 4,580 feet
4th day The Ivrezan River is crossed near Kropachevo, one of the most beautiful spots on the whole line, and the summit of the Ural Mountains is reached about noon. This is the frontier between Siberia and Russia, and the dividing line between Europe and Asia is marked by a pyramid.
5th day Omsk, the third largest city of Siberia, is reached in the afternoon. The Irtysh is crossed by a bridge 2,200 feet long.
6th day The Obi is crossed by a bridge 2,600 feet long.
7th day Taiga (the junction for Tomsk, a city of 54,000 population) is reached in the morning, and by the middle of the night the Yenisei River is crossed by a bridge 3,000 feet long, a masterpiece of engineering.
8th day The Kan is crossed and Irkutsk reached in the morning, the total 3,375 miles from Moscow having been covered in less than eight days. The city of Irkutsk, situated on the Angara River, is the capital of Central Siberia, and has a population of over 50,000. It is a city of beautiful churches and of considerable wealth, being the winter quarters of the millionaire gold- miners of Nerchinsk and Kara, and you can purchase anything in the shops, from an American steam-shovel to a Parisian bonnet. There is here also a first-class hotel.


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