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The Montenegrain and Dalamation Coasts

This interesting trip can be made in about a fortnight, as there are frequent steamers between ports. Exact dates of sailing can be obtained prior to leaving Greece. The following is an approximate itinerary

Corfu (eleven hours by steamer from Patras), a fashionable and most delightful winter resort. The Fortezza Vecchia, at the end of the beautiful Strada, is a survival of many epochs in the history of "the island. A delightful drive can be made to the olive-clad mountains of Santa Deca.
Cattaro (forty hours by steamer from Corfu). The sail up the Bocche di Cattaro is as fine as that on a Norwegian fjord. A six hours' drive from Cattaro is Cetinje, the capital of Montenegro, lying in a rocky valley two thousand feet above sea-level. The drive affords fine views all the way to the capital. An excursion 'can be made' from Cetinje to the Grotto of Rjeka.
Gravosa the harbor of Ragusa (eight hours by steamer from Cattaro). Ragusa, a quaint, picturesque town of Dalmatia (Austria), is reached by a short carriage drive from Gravosa. It is considered the pearl of the Dalmatian coast. Charming excursions can be made to the little island of_Lacroma; formerly the property of the ill-fated Archduke Maximilian (Emperor of Mexico) and later of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria. Richard Cceur de Lion was shipwrecked on this island, on his return from the Crusades. The street life of Ragusa is all that one reads of in romance, but rarely sees off the stage.
Spalato (twelve hours by steamer from Gravosa), the ancient Aspalathos, famous for one of the most precious remains of Roman antiquity, namely, the enormous and marvelous Palace of Diocletian. A drive should be taken to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Salona and the Riviera of the Seven Castles.
Sabenico is reached by mountain_. railroad.^across the Mosor in five hours, although the distance is only about forty miles. The town lies at the extremity of an almost landlocked harbor, and has a fine Cathedral and many other attractive features.
Zara (four hours by steamer from Sebenico), the capital of Dalmatia, where the picturesque costumes of the Morlaks and the liveliness and brightness of the place make it well worth a visit.
Pola (twelve hours by steamer from Zara), a strongly fortified Austrian city, and headquarters of the navy, contains a fine Amphitheater and many other Roman remains.
Trieste Austria. Seven hours by steamer from Pola.


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