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Eight Days in NOrthern Greece

1st day Leave Piraeus (Athens) by steamer for Volo, the chief port of Thessaly. Time, twenty-four hours.
2d day Kalabaka (seven hours by rail from Volo), passing the district where a decisive battle was fought between the Romans and the Macedonians, also Pherae, where Apollo once tended the flocks of King Admetos. On arrival at Kalabaka drive to the Monasteries of Meteora, spending the night among these modern cliff' dwellers.
3d day
Larissa (seven hours by rail from Kalabaka), a town which played a prominent part in the late war between Turkey and Greece. About five miles from Larissa is the famous Vale of Tempe between Mount Ossa and Mount Olympus. In one of the glades stood an altar to Apollo in expiation of his slaughter of the Python
5th day
Thermopylae. Return by rail from Larissa to Volo, and thence by steamer to Lamia (time about twelve hours). Drive from Lamia over the famous Pass of Thermopylae, where the heroic Leonidas and his thousand Greeks were slaughtered in July, B.C. 480. From Molos horse is taken to Drachmani, where the night is spent

7th day

Leave Drachmani by horse for Arachova, passing the slopes of Mount Parnassus and the Acropolis of Daulis.
8th day Continue by horseback to Delphi, the headquarters of the Grecian Court of Apollo. From Delphi drive to Itea, where steamer can be taken either to Piraeus through the Corinth Canal (twelve hours) , or to Patras in eight hours.
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