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This is just a collection of interesting views and things we managed to snap pictures of -- I'm not much one for taking pictures of people, so you won't find many of them here, but the scenery in Egypt is stunning.

I definitely recommend a felucca ride on the Nile if you have the chance -- it's relaxing (although don't put your hand in the water). Also in Aswan, we walked along the shore of the Nile and found some interesting fire-fighting equipment. Mark wanted to find a larger fire station, but we never did have the time.

We took some roundabout routes to some of the more remote places, and managed to snap a few pictures of the scenes as we passed -- only a few from inside the van! The nile valley itself is green and lush, surprisingly so for a desert country. We got a ton of pictures of the road to Dashur and some of the farms and fields along the main roads.

Mark's favorite picture of the trip was of the man using a shaddouf to irrigate his field. When Mark was in Egypt twenty years ago, he said there were many of these rudimentary water-lifts in the field.s Most have been replaced by gas or deisel-powered pumps, but a few of these still exist.

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