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Tomb of Amun-Hir-khopshef

Unfortunately no pictures of this tomb, or the others we visited in the Valley of the Queens. We'll be better for the Valley of the Nobles and Valley of the Kings

Amun-Hir-Khopshef was the oldest son of Ramesses III. He died young and is shown in his tomb as a boy with a braided sidelock of hair. The tomb is decorated with well-preserved and colorful murals showing Ramesses III leading his son to the gods.

Tomb of Seth-Hir-Khopshef

A younger brother of Amun-Hir-Khopshef, Seth-Hir-Khopshef also died young and is shown in his tomb as a young boy. He was the ceremonial charioteer of the royal stables and his tomb shows many scenes of him greeting the gods.

Tomb of Prince Khaemwaset

This tomb is mostly decroated with scenes of Ramesses III, the father of this young prince. Khaemwaset died of smallbox (several of Ramesses III's sons died during the epidemic).

TOmb of Queen Titi

Titi was an important woman in the 20th Dynasty -- she was the wife and mother of many of the Ramesside pharaohs. Her tomb is quite damaged and while it is opened it is not often visited.


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