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Beit el Wali

Also on the same island as the relocated temple of Kalabsha is the tiny temple of Beit el-Wali, "The House of the Governor". It, too, was relocated by UNESCO efforts (which moved Philae Temple, Kalabsha Temple and, most notably, the Sun Temple of Ramesses in Abu SImbel.)

the tiny, rebuilt temple of Beit el-Wali

The original temple was located near Kalabsha, with its own causeway to the Nile. It has been relocated above the temple, with a stone walkway. It was built during the reign of Ramesses II by the Viceroy of Kush(Nubia) to honor Amun-Re.

In the narrow forecourt of the temple are reliefs of Ramesses II smiting his enemies in Nubia and Ethiopia and defeating the Asiatics, Libyans, and Syrians on the north wall. The tribute offerings on the north wall are particularly good, and on the south wall, there is a fine relief of a dog biting the leg of a captive.

the entire temple has been moved and rebuilt in a false hillside

There are two columns in the vestibule, which is quite odd for Nubian monuments. The sanctuary contains statues of Horus, Khnum, Satis and Anukis - deities of Nubia. The statues were mutilated by Christians, but most of the colorful reliefs in the temple remain.

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