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Canine Hip dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia Almost everyone with dogs is familiar in some way with hip dysplasia. Both of my dogs are dysplastic Hip Dysplasia is an inherited condition that can affect any dogs, from Chihuahuas up to St. Bernard's. In very basic terms, a dog with hip dysplasia has a hip joint in which the head of the femur does not fit tightly or smoothly into the socket of the hip. In some cases, the angle of the bone is too shallow, in others the hip socket it too flattened. My old girl, Ghlaive, had almost no hip socket on her right side - it is just a flat, plate-shaped bone.

Just because your dog is not stiff or limping does not mean they do not carry the genetic predisposition for dysplasia. You cannot tell just by looking at the dog or examining their gait - and don't believe anyone that tells you they can. A diagnosis of hip dysplasia must be done through x-rays.

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