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Including South AFrica, New Zealand and South America

For the traveler who wishes a long sea voyage covering several months, the Shaw, Savill and Albion Line from London to New Zealand, out by the Cape of Good Hope and returning via Cape Horn and Rio de Janeiro, offers an excellent opportunity.

The steamers are large 10,000- to i2,000-ton boats, and the round-trip voyage by the same steamer takes four months, including a month's stay in New Zealand. A week after leaving London the peak at Teneriffe, Canary Islands (12,182 feet), is sighted, and in three weeks Cape Town, South Africa, is reached, where by transhipping to the next steamer a month's stay in the Cape Colonies can be made, so as to include a visit to the Victoria Falls, the diamond mines at Kimberley and the gold-mines of Johannesburg, as well as the battlefields of the late Boer war.

The next stop is at Hobart, Tasmania, and thence on to New Zealand, forty-six days from London, where the steamer generally stops a month, visiting the different ports, and thus affording the traveler an opportunity for thoroughly seeing these wonderful islands.

The return voyage is made round Cape Horn to Rio de Janeiro, possibly the most beautiful harbor in the world. The steamer usually stops there twelve hours, giving time to visit the botanical gardens and Corcovado Mountain. From Rio the steamer makes a straight course to Teneriffe, thence to Plymouth and London, thus accomplishing a voyage of 25,412 nautical miles around the world.

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