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A litle trip through "dixie Land" to Cuba

The season in Florida commences about the 1st of January anf last til Easter

1st day
St. Augustine, Fla. (twenty-six hours from New York by " Florida Special"). This popular winter resort, the oldest town in the United States, was originally a Spanish settlement, of which the Fort and Gate remain. The chief attraction now is the fashionable life at the big hotels, the Ponce de Leon, Alcazar, etc.
4th day Leave St. Augustine by rail for Palatka, thence by steamer up the Ocklawaha River for Silver Spring, and return. This is a very interesting trip, and gives a good idea of the weird swamp scenery of the Sout
5th day Return to Palatka, and leave by rail for Palm Beach (240 miles; about seven hours and a half by express train) .
6th day
Palm Beach (Miami). One of the most fashionable watering places in the Southern States; beautifully located on Lake Worth amid cocoa- nut palms arid other tropical vegetation, amongst which is that beautiful flowering tree, the royal poinciana, from which the big hotel takes its name.
8th day Leave Miami for Havana by steamer, twenty- four hours' sail.
9th day
Havana, the capital of Cuba. The harbor is made interesting to Americans by the sinking of the U.S. battleship "Maine" and the events which led up to the Spanish-American war, with " Cuba Libre" as a denouement, in 1898.
11th day
Havana to New Orleans by steamer (about forty hours).
13th day
New Orleans, La. An old Creole city at the mouth of the Mississippi, and the cotton center of the South. The traveler should try and arrange to be here for the Mardi Gras carnival. The city played a conspicuous part in the war of secession
15th day
Atlanta, Ga. (sixteen hours by rail from New Orleans), one of the most flourishing cities of the South, and rendered famous by General Sherman, who, after capturing and holding the city for two months, here began his famous march through Georgia to the sea.
17th day Richmond, Va. (eighteen hours by rail from Atlanta), the capital of the Confederacy from 1861 to 1865. It is the great tobacco center of the United States.
18th day Richmond to New York (ten hours by rail) .

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