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Three Weeks on the nile, to Assouan (First Cataract) and back by TOurist Steamer

1st day Leave Cairo in the morning for Bedrachin, for the site of the ancient Memphis, the Step Pyramid of Sakkara, the Serapeum, the Tomb of Tih and the Pyramid of Oonas, leaving same evening for Ayat, thirty-six miles from Cairo. The steamers do not travel by night.
2d day To Maghagha (106 miles from Cairo), passing en route the Dwarf Pyramid of Maydoom. the village of Wasta, and Beni-Souef , the chief town of the province, and railway junction for the Fayum.
3d day Passing Gebel-el-Tayr, on the top of which stands a Coptic convent, Minyeh, a populous Arab town, and Beni-Hassan, visiting the Grotto of Speos Artemedos, and the Rock Tombs of Ameni Amenamah and Knum-Hotep. The steamer stops for the night at Roda, 182 miles from Cairo.
4th day To Assiout (250 miles from Cairo). Visit' the Tomb of the Sacred Wolf, the Tomb* of Meri Ka-ra, a king of the thirteenth dynasty. From the top of the meuntain a fine view is obtained of. the Nile Valley
5th day To Sohag, 318 miles from Cairo
6th day To Dishna, 388 miles from Cairo.
7th day To Luxor (450 miles from Cairo), visiting en route the famous Temple of Dendera, dedicated to the Egyptian " Venus," Hathor.
8th day
At Luxor, during which time passengers make the steamer their home. Visit the great Temple of Karnak, the Tombs of the Kings, Temple of Rameses the Great, and other majestic relics of a great past.
11th day To Edfu, visiting en route the Temple of Esna. The Temple of Edfu is one of the best preserved monuments in Egypt.
12th day To Assouan (583 miles from Cairo), passing through the Gorge of Silsileh with its vast quarries, bearing the cartouches of a long line of Egyptian kings; and Kom Ombo, where in the duplex temple are many paintings, as brilliant now as at the time of their completion.
13th day
At Assouan. Visit the enchanting Island of Philae, the Great Dam, the Cataract, and the painted Tombs of Mechu, Ben and Se-Rempu on the western side of Assouan.
15th day Leave Assouan for Luxor.
16th day Leave Luxor for Nagh Hamadi.
17th day To Baliana, for the magnificent ruins of Abydos. The Temple of Seti is decorated with the most^ beautiful sculptures in Egypt, and contains the most wonderful genealogical record in the world — the Tablet of Abydos. On the site of Abydos, many Egyptologists inform us, stood the very earliest historical city in Egypt, This, the birthplace of Mena, first king of the first dynasty. It is also the reputed burial-place of Osiris.
18th day To Assiout.
19th day To Gebel-el-Tayr, stopping en route at Tel el Amarna, to visit the celebrated painted fresco pavement (discovered in 1892), a relic of the Palace of Khu-en-Aten, 1400 B.C.
20th day To Cairo


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