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Two Weeks' Tour, including Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, and Assouan

First Cataract and Philae

1st day Alexandria. Travelers from America or Europe usually land at Alexandria, while those from the East, at Port Said. There is not much to detain the traveler at Alexandria unless it is Pompey's Pillar. The city was bombarded by the British in 1882 to suppress the Arabi Pasha rising.
2d day
Cairo (four hours by rail from Alexandria, and six hours from Port Said). The fascinating city of Saladin is to-day a fashionable winter resort, with a number of large, first-class hotels. The excursion par excellence is to the Great Pyramids of Ghizeh, which can be made by carriage, coach, or even motor and trolley cars. Besides the mosques and bazaars of the city itself, and the Museum containing the mummies of the great Pharaohs, interesting excursions can be made to the Pyramids of Sakkara ; the site of the once great city of Memphis; the Serapeum, the Tomb of Tih, the Tombs of the Caliphs, and the Petrified Forest
5th day
Luxor (fourteen hours by rail from Cairo). On the eastern bank of the Nile is the great Temple of Karnak, a magnificent relic of the ancient city of Thebes; on the western bank are the Tombs of the Kings, the great Temples of Rameses the Great and Rameses III, and the sitting Colossi.
9th day
Assouan (eighteen hours by express steamer, passing en route the beautiful Temple of Edfu). The chief attractions of Assouan are the ruins of the Island of Philse, the granite quarries, the stupendous Dam and the Cataract.
12th day Return by boat to Luxor.
13th day Rail to Cairo, fourteen hours.
14th day Cairo.


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