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From Milan to Lucerne, via the Spligen Pass

1st day Bellagio (three hours from Milan) is reached by rail to Como, thence by steamer. The magnificent park and gardens of the Villa Serbelloni form one of the greatest attractions of this beautiful village, and the finest views on the lake are to be obtained from here.
2d day Chiavenna (three hours and a half from Bellagio) is reached by steamer to Colico, thence by rail. An ancient town at the junction of the Splugen and Maloja roads, a capital resting place, charming locale and celebrated for its beer.
3d day Splugen (eight hours from Chiavenna). Leave Chiavenna by carriage for the ascent of the Splugen Pass. First we pass through the fertile Liro Valley of beautiful vineyards, stately olive groves and golden cornfields, and gradually ascend to the region of firs and pines, of overhanging precipices and romantic waterfalls, of frowning rocks and yawning chasms, until the summit is reached (6,945 feet); then the descent is made to the village of Splugen, the chief place of the Rheinwald, at the point of separation of the roads to the two Alpine passes of the Splugen and San Bernardino.
4th day Thusis (three hours from Splugen). The great attraction of this drive is the Via Mala, a remarkable fissure three or four miles long and a few feet wide, with precipices of 1,500 feet — one of the most celebrated defiles of Switzerland. The view looking towards Thusis is probably one of the finest in all the Alpine passes
5th day Zurich (five hours from Thusis) . The city of Zurich was in the van of the Reformation, and English Protestants, banished under Queen Mary, found a sure asylum here. The first complete English version of the Bible was printed at Zurich.
6th day Rigi Kulm. Leave Zurich by rail for Zug, where steamer is taken to Arth-Goldau, the scene in 1806 of a landslip which swallowed up four villages. Here rail is taken to the Rigi Kulm, 5,906 feet high, where the view of the panorama of the Alps is indescribably magnificent. The night is generally spent on the Rigi, in order to see the sun rise.
7th day Leave Rigi Kulm by mountain rail for Vitz- nau, where steamer is taken for Lucerne.

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