The notes and parts of the violin

There is an important part of the violin which cannot be see on the illustration. This is the soundpost. It is placed inside to the right of the bridge about a fifth of an inch behind its right foot.

It is self-understood that the violin must always be tuned before you play.

Blow one note on the pitchpipe, the G. Blow gently and repeatedly until your ear is familiar with the sound. When the string has been stretched correctly, blow G and D repeatedly until you can tell the 2 sounds apart, then try to tune the D string.

Proceed in the same manner for the A and E strings.

You will have to draw the bow several times over a string and to turn the peg many a time forward and backward until satisfaction is obtained but you must not consider this time as lost.

Patience is what you need; with it, you will accomplish anything, without it, you will never be successful.

In the first two lessons of this course you are not to use a single finger on the left hand but merely to learn to hold the instrument and bow correctly and to produce a good tone.

Besides this you must absolutely get into the habit of counting aloud while playing.

Do not tap with the foot, it always interferes somewhat with the other work.

Beware of moving the upper arm. It should hang in the most natural manner near the body. The bow must be managed entirely with hand and forearm. Only when drawing the bow at full length over the G string will it be allowed to help a little with the upper arm, but never draw it outwards and backwards.

About this you must be extremely careful. You should look at every movement you make during these first two weeks. We are just as anxious as you to obtain rapid results. Follow instructions to the letter and we will get them.

If you stand while playing, throw out your chest a little. Beware of pushing your abdomen forward.

Place the right foot a little forward. Let the weight of the body be more on the left. It is preferable to stand than to practice sitting unless you become tired. It is also important o place the music properly.

Arrange it so that you can easily read it without having to change your position at all. Stop frequently. Do not try to force anything but let time produce the result.

To get into the habit of holding the right arm properly you should place a little book under the armpit and keep it there.


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