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Tomb of Sarenput

Sarenput I is the grandfather of Sarenput II, who is buried in a nearby tomb (31). He was the Guardian of the South and overseer of the priest sof Khnum and Satet in the 12th Dynasty. THis is one of the largest tombs on hte hillside.

There are three connecting rooms with columns, but the reliefs and paintings inside are badly deterioriated. It is well lit, though, so you can get a good idea of the images.

The first antechamber has six square columns in a line against the far wall, decorteed with pictures of Sarenput. The walls are decorated with images of Sarenput and his family fishing and farming.

The inner hall is entered through a narrow doorway and has four pillars. Most of the decorations in this room have been destroyed, although fragments show scenes of boating, fishing and hunting, as is usual in tombs. Finally, a narrow tunnel leads to the innter burial chamber which contains a small shrine.

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